Personal Project

Incipit collaborates with Simone Bonanni for a special collection of wood and metal trays

Simone Bonanni designs for Incpipit a series of wooden and metal trays Simone Bonanni, product designer from Milano, designs a collection of trays. Made out of wood and metal.



Collection of serving trays in wood and metal

Two elements different in the material barely touch each other, attract and reject each other, stroke and join each other, originating a unique element with sharp yet delicate and soft shapes. The result is a wooden tray, framed by a metal component working as a handle that can be easily removed for cleaning. Aurora is a simple object, characterised by a powerful yet light and tender harmony of two opposites, just like during those brief enchanting moments between night and day.

Aurora comes in two sizes and two colours, red or blue: a small one for a tea for two, a wide one for large gathering of friends. Carry and serve your snacks and drinks with style.

Designed with: Federica Biasi
Photo Credit: Davide Di Tria