I am interested in the movement, in the vibration.
I focused exclusively on the design of the single chip, aware that a graphic sign on repeated element – especially if simple or almost imperceptible – would generate a continuous pulsation all over the composition. It is a way to make the wall vibrant and present, to think beyond the traditional grid structure. The research is channeled into the design of a 20×20 cm chip, with a small rectangle right in the center, carved out from its thickness. During installation, the carved portion is filled with the grout of the joints: in this way, the composition becomes completed. The grout, thus, becomes the decorative factor and the chips provide it an orientation, an aesthetic identity.
A rectangle in a square is the most spontaneous and simple design I could think of to give a direction to the chips display, generating a beautiful vibrant order in random poses.

Brand: M+
Year: 2023