Babel D


The project Gao was initially born with the design of the main chair and later developed into a full collection of outdoor furniture.The chair, in particular, is a project designed to be entirely engineered and produced by Industrie Baraldo, the parent company of BabelD, specialized among various technologies, in cutting, bending and welding metal sheets. The project was intended to enhance the company’s skills, a product that could immediately became distinctive for the new furniture brand. I had in mind a whole collection that would appear visually balanced, solid and at the same time light, in the alternation between solids and voids.  A product born from a simple two-dimensional sheet of steel that takes shape in in the space without aesthetic and ergonomic compromises, wrapped only in color: a proof of craftsmanship and sartorial precision.

Brand: BabelD
Year: 2022

Photo Credit: Davide Di Tria