Water, with its advanced use, is the component that revolves around Flowing into the Future, the bold research project developed by ALESSI and Hansa, a German company, specialised in the production of bathroom and kitchen accessories.

For the ISH 2019 fair in Frankfurt, the results of this study were presented , the second collaboration between the two companies: five concepts of avant-garde faucets for the kitchen of the next decade, under the artistic direction of Giulio Iacchetti.

The project of Simone Bonanni is born out of a consideration about the upcoming evolution of our domestic spaces.
“The development of societies brings with it constant change. An ever-expanding population means less space for each individual. The subdivisions between the rooms of the house begin to dissolve. Could you imagine a new faucet for your future livingroom? “

This is the aspect that Simone Bonanni proposes to consider with Kandinsky, a faucet designed for a kitchen that is simultaneously a dining room. A sculpture with clear geometric shapes and colours determined by the possible combination of different materials. Simone Bonanni’s work is based on the union of three key elements: design, functionality and technology. The device hides in its apparent simplicity an extendable shower head, a flexible silicone hose and sensors for touchless operation.

Brand: ALESSI by Hansa
Year: 2019
Photo Credit: Davide Di Tria