Private Commission



The precise split of one original solid body generates two new jewels, one for her, one for him.

While the dimensions of the two rings are custom-made specifically to fit different sizes, the flat cut surface will be equal in both objects to recall the belonging to the original single body, a solid lasting link between the lovers.

Duet takes inspiration from the physical phenomenon of the Quantum Entanglement which states that if two particles interact with each other for a specific amount of time and then separate, they can no longer be described as two separate systems but somehow, a change induced in one will affect the other. The changes are instantaneous even if the particles are billions of light-years apart in unknown locations.
(“Bell’s Inequality” and the denial of the Principle of Locality, John Stewart Bell, 1964)

Private commission
Production: Pica di Pizzagalli Emma (pizzagalli.e@gmail.com)
Year: 2017
Photo Credit: Davide Di Tria

(for more info: info@simonebonanni.com)