Natuzzi Italia

When I design, I prefer subtraction, simplification, spontaneity.
I believe it is the only possible way to give the objects I design a graphic identity in the space and imprint them in the memories of those who observe them.
All this comes through the definition of a pure silhouette and the study of the emotions that this can arise.
I like the idea of designing objects that come to life on the material they are made of but also on the air they are surrounded by, and I dedicate most of my time in the studio to the definition of shapes and volumes that aim to elevate design to a form of communication.
Here, between matter and air, Melody takes shape, the new modular sofa designed for Natuzzi Italia.
From the first sketches I wanted to approach the design of the sofa from the side and I worked two-dimensionally to define the two main shapes: the seat and the back. The idea was to make them communicate and create a graphic complicity between the two, in such a way that the design becomes recognizable and the product ergonomic. Having defined the design of the side, this gained volume in the third dimension, generating the seat. While maintaining the initial graphic elements, the project then evolved into a modular system in order to allow a high degree of customization of the product in the space

Brand: Natuzzi Italia
Year: 2023