Exhibition infos:
Simone Bonanni – ORME
curator Massimo De Conti
May 18t h > July 30th, 2021
Monday > Friday,
10 AM > 7 PM
Pianca & Partners
Via Porta Tenaglia, 7N3
20121 Milan

Five years of a career represented in a series of illustrations intended to be like tracks and traces marked out by the coming and going of thoughts and memories. ORME is first and foremost a collection of emotions captured in 10 representations in mixed techniques, drawings accompanied by objects and writings. This is the spontaneous portrayal, without frameworks, of an interior study, in which perception is more important than mere material.

“Despite what people may say, design is still principally an activity of comprehension and listening”.

ORME narrates the idea of memories and new sensations, new desires that are precursors to designs, in a process that is not calculated in which form is a direct consequence. Watercolours, Pantone colour cards, pencils and graphics become shapes, curves, nuances and texture, aiming to arouse a precise sensation, which evolves subjectively.

“Over time, I shifted the focus of my work from technical drawing of objects to designing the emotion that those objects can arouse”. The true value of design ultimately acquires a visible, solid meaning.