“I like to think of the bookshelf as a showcase of passions and pleasant memories.
As an exhibition of objects, photographs and books that somehow represent us and that we occasionally have the pleasure of consulting, inevitably sharing them with our guests.
The contemporary bookcase is no longer just an equipped backdrop, having turned into an expression of ourselves and how we want to be perceived.
Hence I designed for Fiam “Remind”, with the idea of creating a floor-to-ceiling modular system that could highlight the image of ourselves, an object capable of going beyond the purely functional aspect and captureing a new light through the presence of glass, breaking away from the background of the domestic scene while gaining the spot light.”

The structure has vertical uprights where the shelves and containers are fixed by pressure.
The fused glass shelves have 45 dregrees bent edges and give movement to the composition, graphically lightening the supporting structure. The structure, in turn, organizes their rhythm and arrangement in the space.
The flap doors of the containers, made of curved glass, have the same profile of the horizontal shelves with the bent edges that becomes the handle.
The vertical uprights have external applications made of selected woods, already part of Fiam catalogue. This makes it possible to ennoble the aluminum structure and give it a new materiality, recalibrating the appearance of the product according to the needs of the surrounding environment it will be placed.

Brand: Fiam
Year: 2023