Zephyr Town

Zephyr Town is an uninhabited city where the strong winds that cross it have eradicated all forms of vegetation and progressively sculpted the concrete, deforming it into the image of the currents. An architecture with metaphysical, surreal and mysterious references, a witness to the passage of time and a warning to the fragility of nature, which generates a solemn landscape where the presence of man has been replaced by the hiss of the wind blowing against it, incessantly.

Zephyr Town is a printed decoration for interior coverings that offers an alternative to the usual repeated vertical crop. From this, the idea of a versatile cladding that can work both in environments with small surfaces and adapt perfectly to create large compositions, leaving to the final customer the choice of the ideal cut, cropped from a motif originally designed in large dimensions. In the case of small walls the result is a geometric patchwork of material shapes, refined and essential; as the size of the available wall increases, you begin to perceive a strong sense of depth and space.

Brand: Londonart
Year: 2021